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Adventures in the Sea & Sky Family's Choice Set
Package Value: $392.00
Your Price: $299.00
Item#: SS-EE

Adventures in the Sea & Sky Family's Choice Set

 Ebooks and Essential Print Books PLUS
Select Consumables You Most Want in Print! 

 Save $93!  A $392 Print Value for $299

What Do I Get?
This set features flexible ebook resources, and printed consumables for your student. It includes the essential resources around which the program is built, and wonderful bonus resources available only as part of an ebook set. When you purchase this set, you'll be able to use the ebook resources on your tablet, laptop, or computer, and will have the option to print them as well. To complete your program, you can buy the additional books, or borrow them from the library. You'll also receive printed consumables for your student, so you are ready to go!

Includes These Resources:
EBOOK:  Adventures in the Sea & Sky Guide
EBOOK:  An Unfurling Sail
EBOOK:  Sailors, Whalers, & Astronauts
EBOOK:  Under the Sea & In the Air
PRINT:  Wright Brothers for Kids
PRINT:  Galileo for Kids
PRINT:  Exploring the Solar System: A History
PRINT:  The Ocean Book
PRINT:  The Weather Book
PRINT:  Weather Forecasting

Plus, A Copy of These Student Consumables:
PRINT:  The God of All Creation
PRINT:  Captain's Log Notebook
EBOOK:  Sea Monsters and Pirates Journaling Packs

And These Additional, Scheduled Ebook Resources:
WinterPromise Sea & Sky Tablet Book Set
Sea & Sky Specialty Timeline Pages
E-Reader Book Set

See more details about these resources, or add more print titles by visiting "Adventures in the Sea & Sky - See or Purchase Individual Titles"

These titles are NOT included in your package, but they are scheduled for you in your Guide, and you will need to purchase or borrow them to complete your package. The starred resources are the ones we feel your student would most miss if you choose not to purchase the Comprehensive Set:

You may purchase these titles by going to "Adventures in the Sea & Sky - See or Purchase Individual Items".

Book of Flight *
Planet Earth *
Dragons of the Deep *
The Stars *
Solar System Planetarium (Model) *

What About Adventure Reading?

With the advent of personal reading devices and ebooks for phones, etc., we are no longer including reading books in our basic programs, but listed below are books that are scheduled for you in your Guide. Those that are italicized are included as ebooks in the E-Reader Book Set. You may purchase the other titles, download them to your device, or borrow them from a library.  NOTE: This set is still available as a special order item (except the titles included in the E-Reader Book Set).

Swallows & Amazons
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
Around the World in 80 Days
Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
Flying to the Moon
Treasure Island
Attack of the Turtle
Raiders From the Sea

What Do I Need to Complete My Package?

Timelines in History (one per student)
Sea & Sky Timeline Figures (reproducible within your family)
World Maps CD (print as many as you need for your family)
Atlas of World History (One-time purchase for the entire family)

A Language Arts Program

LA 4 - "Solving the Mysteries of Grammar"  
LA 5 - "Digging Into Paragraphs"  
LA 6 - "Exploring Word Pictures" 

A Math Program

We offer three different math programs - Life of Fred, Horizons and Saxon Math.  All are good choices and will give your student a good math foundation for further learning.

NOTE - Sea & Sky has plenty of science - unless you are including a high schooler, you will not need to add a Science Program.

Print Consumables for Additional Students:

Solar System Planetarium (May be shared by two, but most students enjoy making their own)

Optional Resources:

Nature Investigation Kit

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